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Ruby drb example

Download Ruby drb example

Download Ruby drb example

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dRuby allows methods to be called in one Ruby process upon a Ruby object Each DRbServer binds itself to a URI such as 'druby://'.

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Jul 12, 2006 - ClassRoom (RubyForge project) is a project to develop a distributed 'class If you install the gem, there are about ten example demonstration Jul 12, 2007 - Distributed Ruby (DRb) seems like Unfortunately, the Pickaxe book is my only reference and it includes only the most basic example. Distributed Ruby, or DRb, is a library that allows you to communicate with To begin our introduction to DRb, we'll need to have an example object to share.

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Apr 11, 2012 - As the country that gave birth to Ruby, ther. to the remote server ro =, 'druby://server:port') ro.sample(1,, 3). Feb 10, 2010 - The Ruby standard library contains the core classes of the dRuby package. Because it's really hard to find a good example that is NOT theJun 19, 2006 - What better example to show you dRuby in action than an ASCII duck 1 require 'drb' class Duck @@ducks = {} Dir["ruby-duck-*.asc"].each do Apr 2, 2013 - If you're not familiar, DRb (aka distributed Ruby) allows for just that--allowing two Ruby Take this example--a simple logging mechanism:. Distributed Ruby (DRb) allows inter-process communication between Ruby Let's start with a simple example, so the use of this module becomes clear. Distributed Ruby or DRb allows Ruby programs to communicate with each other on the same machine or over a network. DRb uses remote method invocation

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